Thursday, October 24, 2013

Education is Key!

Did you know Urbaca has six on-staff educators?  Two Goldwell color (Daria + Jasmin), two cutting (John + Chelsie), a KMS California (Gretchen) and an American Cancer Society Look Good, Feel Better facilitator (Sherry).

As beauty professionals, education is vital to stay fresh and inspired!  We appreciate everything education by supporting numerous local schools with service donations, teacher assistance with product donations, and we have even started hosting a "Favorite Teacher" contest in June for a glorious prize package of services/products.  THANK YOU TEACHERS!
Guest educators from L.A. and NYC travel to teach within our hallowed walls!  Our award winning space is used year round to host educational events for Goldwell, KMS California (we just hosted Jamfest--ask Laci and Caitlyn what they learned!) and Bumble + bumble (a razor cutting demo class is coming in November--squee!).  We send our stylists to national and international events and classes (ask Jasmin + Chelsie about Colorzoom 2013).

 Recent photos from the Goldwell Nectaya Launch!  Gretchen was the red color model!
The best part of having a good education is sharing!  If you want to know what the freshest, newest techniques are for coloring, cutting and styling, call 503.241.5030 for your free consultation today

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