Sunday, April 13, 2014

Energy + Chakra Balancing With Sherry Okamura Leonard!

There's nothing like a wedding to bring out the best and worst of anyone's personality.  Keep the love flowing during stressful times with energy balancing!

Urbaca Salon Director, Licensed Esthetician + creator of Okamura Farmacopia skin care, Sherry Okamura Leonard recently agreed to a photo shoot of the energy balancing work she does during Hydrate or Deep Pore Cleanse facials.  It's non invasive, super relaxing and can have some surprisingly wonderful results!

Notes from Sherry:  Photographer Uli used a 35mm camera with real film, much different than digital shooting!  Unlike the relaxing dim of a facial, the room was very bright like a surgical theater.  And I usually do the work from the right but that's where the huge light was so I worked from the left.  Uli had 25 shots total, he produced 23 usable shots--fun!!  : )

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Photographer Uli Gonzalez    
Model Amy Childs

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